What we offer

You love action rides whether on roller coasters or karting tracks?

You like to share unique moments with your friends or on social media?

Captivr offers the world’s first 360° onride video service for anything too extreme to hold your selfie stick. Our innovative video recording solution produces high quality 360° videos of adventures like roller coaster rides, karting tracks and more.

Why users love our solution

Our solution offers various benefits for our users:

  • Relive the full 360° experience with family and
  • Share on social media by just one click
  • Enjoy a seamlessly embedded innovative service

Why operators love our solution

Our solution offers various benefits for park operators

  • Implement a fully digital operational end-to-end process
  • Leave customer support and maintenance up to captivr
  • Rely on GDPR compliance
  • Ensure safety through our TÜV approval
  • Experience the marketing effect through social media posts
  • Boost your revenue through a digital souvenir
captivr onride video solution roller coasters

How to use it?

Our app guides you through a simple process to capture the action and relive it again and again…1

  1. Scan the QR Code in front of the gate
  2. Select your seat
  3. Enjoy the ride
  4. Receive vour video and watch it in our 360° plaver
  5. Share with family, friends or on social media

1) We also offer a white-label webapp for operators who want to use their own Frontend

Google Play Store
App Store

Google Play Store
App Store

Interested in a test installation?

Let us know your exact use case and we are happy to reach out to you with a dedicated proposal for your purpose and a date for a test installation.