Our products at a glance

captivr designs 360-degree video on-ride solutions suitable for most attractions

In cooperation with our clients we developed a product portfolio covering essential requirements to provide 360-degree videos to consumers:

  1. Customized solutions – for roller coasters and karting where special requirements needed
  2. captivr360 pro solution – for high-volume cases where fixed installation required (e.g., race taxis)
  3. captivr360 lite solution – for low-volume cases where no fixed installation required

We are happy to help you find the right solution for your attraction or explain you the solutions in detail. Just leave us a message via our contact form.

captivr360 lite solution

captivr invented the first portable 360-degree on-ride solution for all kinds of action activities 

Our captivr360 lite solution provides the following benefits to attraction operators:

  • Fast and cost-efficient installation
  • End-to-end digital process – no more SD cards or USB sticks
  • Automated transfer from camera to consumer smartphone
  • Additional revenue from 360-degree video sales 
  • Free marketing effect from consumer posts 
  • Competitive advantage through innovative image

why choose us ?

Our kits consist of everything you need for your attraction – we personalize our kits for every individual use case.

  • Racing
  • Paragliding
  • Skydiving
  • Ziplining
  • and much more to come

captivr works with leading hardware manufacturers and passionate action aficionados to deliver fast results at the highest quality possible.

Our captivr360 Lite Solution, offers customers to keep the most exciting parts of their adventures at the palm of their hands, so they can relive that experience as many times as they want, share it onto social media and show it to friends and family.

For attraction operators our solution offers a way to enhance the attractivness for your attraction, free Social Media traffic through shared videos and enhanced revenue through sold Videos.

our captivr360 lite solution for racing

Hardware made by the professionals paired with our event manger & VR capture app, makes unforgettable and shareable moments

our captivr360 lite solution for racing consists of

  1. Insta360 X3  360-degree camera
  2. iSHOXS M1 GT 3D suction cap mount
  3. captivr Quick Start Guide
  4. Additional accessories

VR Capture

VR capture is our app for attraction visitors who want to receive a 360-degree video after their ride

Event Manager

Designed for operators to set-up new sessions, record 360-degree videos and deliver the digital 360-degree souvenirs to your consumers

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Interested in a test installation?

Let us know your exact use case and we are happy to reach out to you with a dedicated proposal for your purpose and a date for a test installation.