What is our business model?

captivr follows a B2B2C model

  1. We discuss and negotiate contracts with B2B clients on installation and terms of our service
  2. We sell the solution to B2C customers and split profits between operator and us
  3. We run and maintain the service through our scalable cloud-based solution with as little effort for the operator as possible
  4. We cover our operational costs through an uplift on the profit share

Note: Although the model above has proven to create good outcomes for both parties, we are flexible in designing other mutually beneficial models with potential partners, resellers and more

captivr on-ride video business Model

Who is already invested?

Our investor board consists of:

  1. Active angel investors
  2. Passive individual investors
  3. Institutional investor supporting our administrational topics

Interested in an investment?

Hans-Peter Meisinger

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Hans-Peter Meisinger