What is Captivr?

Captivr has developed an innovative video recording solution that produces high quality 360-degree videos of adventures like roller coaster rides –situations that are so extreme that people cannot hold a selfie stick.
It allows park guests to share impressive footage of their own rides with friends and family via social media or app.
Privacy regulations are fully complied with. As an amusement park, you generate revenue from video sales and additionally benefit from positive advertising effects of social media video sharing.
Our solution consists of on- and offboard hardware and software components at the coaster (cameras, camera control system, power supply, server and network components) and a cloud-based backend, an app for the end user, and web services for POS and park management. The solution features a simple, digital service usage by the end user, reliable, remote operations, and a straightforward installation.

Delivered in cooperation with top ride manufacturers

Captivr cooperates with Mack Rides, Vekoma, Zierer, Great Coasters International and other leading amusement ride manufacturers as well as EMIS Electrics to deliver a turn key solution for your coaster.
Our solution is suitable for a broad range of rides (extreme/ thrill, family, junior). It can be retrofitted or included in the initial coaster installation.

Leading-edge video solution for roller coasters

Captivr’s solution is unique due to the following features:

• 360-degree video camera, 4K resolution video
• Simple 2D video installation possible
• Dedicated mountings, casing and cables suited for coaster conditions
• TÜV approved installation
• Super-fast video delivery – less than 5 minutes
• Highly scalable, cloud-based solution
• App-based customer journey, fully GDPR compliant
• Simple video sharing via social media and app

Multiple benefits for amusement parks

As a park operator you benefit in multiple ways from our solution:

  • Sensational new video service attracting target customers
  • Free publicity on social media from shared videos
  • Additional revenue stream from video sales
  • Improved equal access to park attractions
  • Perception as innovation leader in your region/country
  • Fast installation and lean, remote operations
  • Mobile and POS payment methods available
  • Fully digital delivery chain

For coaster manufacturers

With our VR Capture solution you distinguish yourself favourably from competition: your coasters that fascinate through dynamics fantasy and world records, will be known throughout the world with the help of VR Capture posts in social networks

About us

We are a team of tech, media- and marketing enthusiasts passionate about helping people capture and share highly memorable adventures with

360-degree videos.

The Team

Portrait Oliver Scholz

Oliver Scholz

Founder, Chief Technology Officer

More than 15 years lead working experience in IT-System-Development. More than 10 years experience in virtualized data center environments. Head of Development of a global Media Streaming Service in 3D and VR 360.

Portrait Oliver Scholz

Peter Quaglia

Director Technology & Business Development

Lead Working Experience in Management and Implementa­tion of data centers in Enterprise environments. System Developer with focus on security und mobile. 9 years Head of IT and Senior Consultant (CISO, ISO and DSO). More then 21 years cooperation with Oliver Scholz.

Portrait Oliver Rapp

Niclas Broich

Head of Marketing & Sales

With more than 10 years of experience in social media marketing, design and e-commerce, Niclas has led several online companies to their digital success. With a clear design language and a creative approach to any situation, he will support our team from now on!

Portrait Oliver Rapp

Icaro Mursch

Head of Operation Manager

Icaro Mursch is originally from Brazil and has been part of the CaptiVR team for more than two years. He assumes the duties of Head of Operation Manager and manages the operational business.

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