What we do

We accompany people taking part in an experience with automatic 360 cameras. Not only at experiences, where bringing your own camera is not practical (adventure ride) or even forbidden (roller coaster) we are able to deliver our VR Capture just a few minutes after the end.

A VR Capture is a 360 movie showing not only the people, but while viewing it you can see from every angle.

People can view VR Captures together with their friends and family and share it via social networks.

What we offer

On any thrill ride -even the ones, already in operation – we deliver a new attraction.
Each guest of your ride can order his own personal VR Capture in self service.
Our solution will take care of the rest. The VR Capture platform works fully automatised. Your team doesn’t have to steer cameras nor sell VR Captures to your customers. All this will be steered by our intelligent app.

Every VR Capture will be branded specifically for your park and can even contain entertaining scenes from the park.
All the VR Captures shared by your customers will be your “Advertising Turbo” that helps you attract the friends of your customers as new guests. Let’s be honest: usually you’d pay for advertising! VR Capture is the first advertising that earns money and gains interest.

With our technology we record 360 movies of their visitors in the most exciting rides and coasters.

How it works

Our VR Capture solution records with the help of a set of cameras individually adapted to your ride – just for those customers that wished to have their own recording.

Our cameras are small, shock and vibration proof and equipped with electronic picture stabilization! The steering is done by pc in the station of the ride. As opposed to traditional foto or video snapshot solutions we fulfill all requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Via apps for the common mobile devices customers are able to receive, watch their media and share them via Facebook , Twitter tc.

Visitors and their social friends – your best advertising

VR Captures of their ride are not only a great recall of the most exciting seconds for your guests. Once shared and enriched with the beautiful branding of your park they are an enormous tool to build the brand and attract new visitors.

If you succeed in inviting influencers to your park, you can expect lots of new visitors.

And their followers watch the best of the park – the top rides.

Business Models

for amusement parks

With VR Capture we have developed a state of the art 360 degree video-recording and streaming-solution that replaces or complements the current “foto snapshots” on thrill rides and coasters.

We enrich your coaster ride and produce 360* movies of your customers in a fully automated process.

Increase your revenues and let your visitors advertise the park with attractive media in the social networks.
The auto generated movie shows the full ride from all angles and also presents your customers as the main actor of a perfect “selfie movie”!
The movie can be complemented with bonus material of the park!

for coaster manufacturers

With our VR Capture solution you distinguish yourself favourably from competition: your coasters that fascinate through dynamics fantasy and world records, will be known throughout the world with the help of VR Capture posts in social networks

About us

A team of IT-, media- and marketing enthusiasts we as the core team of CaptiVR have cooperated successfully in various projects through decades.

Among others we have built a platform which provides spectacular advanced imaging viewing experiences on all hardware devices, to deliver the highest quality VR 360 +3D content any device can handle and to enable manufacturers to future-proof their devices.

We received the “Best Product Award” of the important Advanced Imaging Society.

At CaptiVR we have re-gathered and expanded this team to build a unique solution that targets to be the “Social Media Advertisement Turbo” for your park. We will enthuse your guests in a way that Advertising will be new source of income for you.

Our manifold experience is deployed in customer specific Software-Engineering Projects.


We want to help people to capture their most beautiful and exciting moments automatically and to share them with their friends.


We want to be present in amusement parks at event locations and at the most fascinating places in the world with 360 camera systems to bring them out bigger.

The Team

Portrait Oliver Scholz

Oliver Scholz

Chief Technology Officer

More than 15 years lead working experience in IT-System-Development. More than 10 years experience in virtualized data center environments. Head of Development of a global Media Streaming Service in 3D and VR 360.

Portrait Oliver Rapp

Oliver Rapp

Chief Executive Officer

10 years work experience as Business Unit Manager at Sony International. More than 20 years as a Management Consultant in Telecommuni­cations and Automotive industry. 20 years as a Managing Director in various 3D Media Enterprises.

Portrait Oliver Scholz

Peter Quaglia

Director Technology & Business Development

Lead Working Experience in Management and Implementa­tion of data centers in Enterprise environments. System Developer with focus on security und mobile. 9 years Head of IT and Senior Consultant (CISO, ISO and DSO). More then 21 years cooperation with Oliver Scholz.

Portrait Oliver Rapp

Sophie Genon

Chief Financial Officer

More than 25 years international experience as CFO in various sectors from Media and Consulting up to consumer goods. Her expertise reaches from strategic consulting and cash management to Mergers and Acquisitions as well as project lead in company divisions.

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