How to obtain a 360-degree onride video

1. With your smartphone, scan the QR code on any captivr poster, ad board, social media site or on a park’s website or pre-flight mail.

2. This brings you to a web page where you get more information. You can download our app (recommended so that you can easily reuse our service on multiple occasions ) or continue in the browser.

3. You need to accept our terms and conditions and check out our privacy policy and our video recording policy. Furthermore we will need a few permissions from you to avoid fraud, enable the video recording service, and guide you through the process.

4. Before you enter the ride, you need to give us permission to record a video of your ride. Scan the QR code for your row at the gate and select the appropriate seat. That way we know you want to get filmed and we know where you are seated.

5. After the right you receive a preview of your video (a 10-15 second clip of the full capture). It is normally ready in a few minutes. You will also get a quick push notification right after your ride as a reminder (if you have given us notification permission).

6. Once you have watched the preview and liked it (and only then), you can purchase the full video. You can pay via your smartphone or at designated points of sale in the park.

7. The full video will be delivered to you via link or can be directly streamed through our app.

8. Later you can share your video comfortably via upload-link to any social media platform.

9. Your friends can also download our app and view your shared video in our built in player.

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